The Healing Place is proud to announce that Aromatherapy Practitioner Erica Schveighoffer will be joining the Healing Place’s team as a Certified Aromatherapist as of October 1, 2014. Erica is passionate about educating individuals on the safe use of essential oils, and helping them to remove toxic chemicals from their households. She works on both the physical and energetic levels when using essential oils. Erica is also interested in helping individuals with skin issues, stress relief, and balancing the chakras through the use of these oils.

Erica is currently working on her Aromatherapy certification through Aromahead Institute. She received her Usui Reiki I & II certification through the Healing Place in 2012. She has been using holistic medicine for her family and pets’ health for many years.

Aromatherapy is a holistic practice that uses essential oils to support the health and well-being of an individual. Essential oils are extracts from a wide variety of aromatic/medicinal plants. They contain both therapeutic and energetic properties.

A few benefits of essential oils are:
• Reduces or eliminates stress and pain
• Alleviates cold and allergy symptoms
• Brings about inner peace and harmony
• Balances energy centers known as chakras
• Deepens meditation practices

Erica has been interested in essential oils, and how they can be used therapeutically since she read her first book on the subject in 1998. She first started diffusing citrus oils because she enjoyed the way they seemed to brighten her day. The more she learned about toxic chemicals, and how detrimental they could be to her and her family’s health, she was determined to find an alternative. This led her to the use of essential oils and making her own cleaning products.

Since 2012 she has heard more people talking about using essential oils. Although she was excited about their interests, she was also concerned about how to use them safely. To further her education on how to use essential oils’ healing properties properly led her to wanting to study to become a certified Aromatherapist. The class has been amazing, and now she understands how, when, what dilutions, and what reasons to use them while using them responsibly.

Erica will be offering a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how she can help you to find relief from your stress, as well as deepening your spiritual practice. Don’t wait. Help is only a phone call away. Please call (508) 359-6463 to make your appointment starting in October.

Erica will also be offering the following workshops:
• Using essential oils safely
• How to make your own cleaning products
• How to use essential oils energetically
• How to use essential oils for stress relief and anxiety

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