On December 1, 2014 the HealingPlaceMedfield has been invited to the Brigham and Women nurses’ wellness fair. This time evening nurses were invited to try various healing services such as Reiki, Reflexology and Massage therapy before their shifts. Reflexologist Helen Chin Lui has participated in BWH’s wellness fairs since 2012. The fairs were usually held in the early mornings, but the evening shift requested that they be included since many of them couldn’t attend the early morning sessions. Keeping the request in mind, BHW’s nurses, Mary Absi, BSN, RN, Heather Hogan, BSN, RN, and Santina Wilson, BSN, RN were able to coordinate the wellness fair for the evening nurses.

Many of the staff has never experienced any of the alternative healing modalities, but they were delighted with the results. During the fifteen-minute reflexology sessions, many of the nurses became so relaxed that some fell asleep in the anti-gravity chair while I continued with my relaxing reflexology protocol. There were times when some of the nurses fell into a deep sleep, and I had to gently wake them so that they would have enough time to become alert before their shifts began. Everyone thanked me.

Even though I fight traffic to get to the hospital and carry my heavy equipment, I am still delighted to be invited to these events. I am pleased that I am recognized as a community Reflexologist that helps people to find much needed relief from stress and pain. Nurses and teachers do so much for us. Anytime I can give back, I am there with my skilled hands, knowledge and patience.

Thank you and I am honored to be chosen.


About the writer: Helen Chin Lui is a Certified Reflexologist, Certified Energy Medicine and Reiki Practitioner. She is the founder and owner of the Healing Place in Medfield, MA. She specializes in helping adults and children to find long-lasting relief from chronic pain, digestive issues and heal hormonal imbalances naturally.

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