What is an Spirit Animal Totem?
What spirit animals guide you?
How do they help you on your journey?

With Sue Angelo, Shamanic and Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Tuesday, August 25, 7-9pm at the Healing Place, 50 North Street, Medfield, MA.

If you wonder what spirit animals guide you then this is the perfect workshop to learn who they are and how to connect with them. You will learn what animals are in your Animal Spirit Totem and how to realign with them so that they can help you to understand your energy, healing powers and spiritual abilities to bring you closer to nature and spirit.

Sue will establish a Sacred Space so that you will feel safe to journey to meet your animal guides through a meditation (no previous experience is required.) For the workshop please wear loose clothes and bring a pen and paper to write notes.

Please register for this workshop. Limited space.


The HealingPlaceMed offers self-care, self-help, in reflexology, reiki, energy medicine and spiritual awakening classes. Please look at the HealingPlaceMed’s fall class calendar to learn more.

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