I’m sorry to hear about Dr. Dyer’s passing on August 29, 2015. At the time of his death he was 75 years old and a resident of Maui, Hawaii.

For those who do not know Dr. Dyer, he was a self-help guru and author. He was best known for his first book written in 1997, a bestseller “Your  Erroneous Zones.” The book was adopted by millions of people as a guide to better living. Since his first book, he has gone on to write 36 other self-help books.

Since 2009, Dr. Dyer had been battling lymphocytic leukemia. Instead of following traditional cancer eradicating routines, he chose to treat the cancer with positive thinking, daily exercise and various forms of energy medicine. He detailed his controversial treatment in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2012.

Dr. Dyer has been one of my biggest inspirational figures, as well as a guiding light in my life. Through his written work, he has inspired and given me the courage to go outside of my comfort zone.

The first thought that came to my mind when I heard of his passing was a line from the first Star Wars movie as Obi-Wan said to Darth Vader just before he was struck down, “If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

Dr. Dyer is on his way to becoming a powerful angel.

God bless.


Helen Chin Lui is a certified Reflexologist, certified Energy Medicine and Reiki practitioner. She is the founder and owner of the Healing Place in Medfield. She specializes in helping clients with chronic digestive disorders and chronic pain. For your free report “Proven Alternative Ways to Heal Chronic Digestive Problems: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Can Keep You from Healing”

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