Nobody thinks about how important their feet are until they are in pain, or they have lost the ability to walk.Your feet are not only your foundation, but they are your main source of transportation.
Do you know much about your feet, including their construction and how they function?

My reflexology colleague, Bill Flocco, of the American Academy of Reflexology in California, has compiled a list of interesting facts about feet. Lets see how many of them you know.

More Fascinating Facts about Feet

  • There are 5 long bones, metatarsals, in each foot
  • Of the 7 anklebones (tarsals), the talus and the calcaneus form the major part of the heel.
  • The tibia (the largest bone in the lower leg) sits on the Talus.
  • The calcaneus bone is what most people call the heel bone
  • Each foot has 33 joints, 31 tendons, 19 muscles, and 107 ligaments.

  • What’s the difference between a tendon & a ligament? Both are fibrous tissues. Primarily, tendons attach muscles to bones, and ligaments are the tough tissue that holds bone to bone and stabilizes joints. Both are needed for joint strength & flexibility.
  • The thickest skin in the human body is located in the feet
  • Most people have one foot larger than the other; it’s rare for both feet to be exactly the same length.
  • The bottom of the foot, the part that touches the ground or floor when you walk, is called the Plantar surface
  • The top of the foot is called the Dorsal Surface



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