Hormones work as chemical messengers in the body by telling the body’s organs and tissues to fulfill their functions. Since hormones have key capabilities in the body, these six warning signs of hormonal imbalance may cause unintended changes in the body.

Sleep problems – Many women have the problem of difficulty sleeping before getting their period due to the sharp drop in the hormone progesterone. Since progesterone has relaxing properties, a sharp drop or imbalance may cause problems with sleeping.
Constant hunger and persistent weight gain.

According to a study, volunteers who were deprived of sleep saw their levels of the hormone ghrelin increase and hormone leptin decrease. The hormone ghrelin stimulates appetite while leptin suppresses it allowing a person with imbalanced hormones to feel excessively hungry, according to Healthy and Natural World.

Many underlying hormonal imbalances also make it difficult for people to maintain weight with emerging insulin resistance being one of the most common problems. At the same time, an underproduction or overproduction of the hormone cortisol may result to stored body fat, which may increase belly fat. Read more.

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