Recent studies have linked the length of our fingers to a variety of aspects of our life, ranging from intelligence to cancer risk. However, most people do not realize that you can do the same thing with your toes, the only difference is you will be learning about your personality rather than your overall health.

Many people believe that the shape and length of our toes linked to personality indicators. Take a look at your toes, compare them to the descriptions provided below. Let’s see how true it is!

Big Toe – the size of the big toe is said to determine how you accomplish certain tasks. If the big toe is significantly larger than the rest of your toes, it means you are creative and focused; you can find more than one way to complete a particular task. If your big toe is significantly shorter than the rest of your toes, you might have problems focusing on a single project and following through. However, you are a great multi-tasker, and you take on a variety of assignments all at one time without getting overwhelmed.

Second Toe – The size of your second toe is said to determine how you handle everyday situations. If you have a long second toe, you are considered to have a more assertive or aggressive personality, especially about everyday life situations. If your second toe is relatively shorter, then you are more passive. You hate confrontation. You have a “wait and see” attitude rather than forcing the situation to occur.

Third Toe – Your third toe determines whether or not your life is in or outside of work. People who have long third toes are usually energetic and bring energy to the workplace. They enjoy putting extra effort into their job and are not just doing it to make ends meet. They love what they do.

Fourth Toe- The length of your fourth toe determines how you handle personal relationships. Having a long fourth toe indicates that healthy relationship is crucial to you, and you are deeply affected by anything that happens to your loved one. Having a shorter fourth toe means that relationships are less important and that you are more focus on your life than about others.

Fifth Toe – The size of your little toe can tell you how in-tune you are with your inner child. If you have longer pinky toes, then you are more serious and quiet. You value having a routine and being predictable. If you have short pinky toes, then you enjoy constant amusement and are likely to get distracted or bored easily. You are fun, sociable and witty!

What do your toes say about you?

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