Many become overwhelmed with the numerous projects we have at hand. At the end of the day, or maybe in the middle of the day, we can feel our energy depleting quicker than we can replenish it.

Our personal energy requires care and attention, but many do not know how to take proper care of our energy other than taking a nap or getting a good night of sleep.

An energy healer can be very helpful in realigning your chakras with a chakra balancing session!

Like a detective, an energy healer can restore deficient energies in less than an hour. In a healing session, the energy medicine practitioner uses his or her hands to sweep the receiver’s outer energy field, the aura.

There is no direct touching during the energy sweep. The hands hover above the body to feel the energy field.

The practitioner notes where there are deficient or excessive energy spots then proceeds to balance each of the seven chakra layers by increasing the intensity or slowing down the energy, while removing energy blockages to restore each chakra.

After the healing session, the recipient feels terrific, light, and peaceful.

Everyone can feel the energy. It is a matter of training, awareness, and a lot of practice.

To learn how to feel and read energy, start with a small project, like feeling the vibration of a plant. Place a plant’s leaf between your hands and sense its energy. Pay attention to what you are feeling.

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