Everyone feels out of sort from time to time. It is mostly due to living busy lives. When we are committed to too many projects, we become overwhelm. Our energy doesn’t know what to do and we begin to feel depleted and exhausted. Many do not know to mindfully replenish our energy.

This when an energy healer can help you. You probably need a  chakra balancing session!

What’s involved in a chakra balancing session? Detecting energy deficiencies like a detective. An energy medicine practitioner uses their hands to sweep the receiver’s outer energy field, the aura. The sweep does not consist of any direct touching but hovers above the body to feel the energy sandwiched between the practitioner’s hands and the receiver’s body.

The practitioner notes where there are excessive or deficient energy spots, then proceeds to balance each chakra layer by increasing the power or slowing it down while removing blockages and balancing each chakra.

It is like magic, but it isn’t. Everyone can feel energy. It is a matter of awareness and practice.

To learn how to feel and read energy, start small. Feel the energy of a plant. Place its leaf between your hands and sense its energy.

To learn more how to Read and Feel Energy, check out Helen Chin Lui’s course on “How to Read and Feel Energy” at the HealingPlaceEnergySchool.com

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