New Course – First Step to Your Spiritual Journey
I just created a 17-part series First Step to Your Spiritual Journey for the This course is for anyone who is beginning or has begun their awakening process and needs guidance.
I remembered when I began my awakening in the 70’s, I had no one to ask questions about how I felt nor were there books on the subject. I was lost, confused, and had no idea what was going on. I wanted to ask questions, but I didn’t know what to ask or who to talk to. I didn’t want to be weird and strange.
At that time the only super natural influence that I could identified with was a TV character, Samantha the witch on the old TV show, Bewitched. I wanted to be Samantha.
I’m so excited to share this knowledge with you!! If the Calling has begun calling you, I can help by giving you guidance and hold your hand during the process.
This series includes
15 powerful and transformation lessons
Your awakening process
Your spirit and being comfortable in your skin
Your soul desires
The series also includes healing meditations, Intuitive developing exercise and mindful journaling exercises.
I’m so excited. More information to come.
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