I thank all men and women who fought to keep us free, safe, and healthy. I honor them not only on holidays, but everyday.

For the month of july, The Healing Place’s will make a donation from our book sale proceeds from Helen Chin Lui’s to the Wounded Warrior Project. We have established our monthly Pay it Forward commitment in 2018.

Know Your Chakras- Introduction to energy medicine

Reclaim your powerful energy with Know Your Chakras! Just imagine breaking the cycle of negativity to attract good physical and emotional health while reconnecting to your spirit? What is best, it can done within a short amount of time! Check out Know Your Chakras by Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Helen Chin Lui on amazon.com

I feel good about giving back. This is what I call pay it forward.

This is very good book on introduction to energy medicine. The book contains 13,000 healing session observations from 2006. I am very proud of myself. I’m especially proud I overcame a learning disability and only learned how to write at the age of 55. I’m thankful for being persistent.

Now to think what charity to donate to next month.

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