This is not a Foot Rub! Someone emailed looking to be part of Healing Place’s apprentice Maureen Jennings’ reflexology clinical work. She said that she loves a “good foot rub.” I think the hairs on the back of my neck stood 90 degrees when I heard “foot rub!” Let me explain, a foot certification program is a 300 hours long (mine was 360 hours) consisting of foot anatomy, general physiology, practice and clinical reflexology sessions. In my case, I was require to write a thesis on my clinical observations – “Can Reflexology Help to Reduce or Eliminate Medication Intake!” And the answer was yes, I saw a reduction of medication, but no one was able to eliminate their medication.

There is much to learn beyond a foot rub. Let me define the difference between a $35 foot rub parlor session and a certified reflexology session in this video.

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