I always get sentimental on New Year’s eve. On this day I go over the events of the current year. What went well, and what I would like to improve in the upcoming year.
I am proud of my many achievements this year and at the same time I am disappointed at what has not manifested yet.
Much has to do with wanting to control the outcomes of events. Instead of being grateful of what I achieved, I want more. Who doesn’t want more?

This is the time to be still and feel every nuance of my emotions. Honoring everything I feel and letting these emotions come to the surface of my being instead of pretending they do not exist. These volatile emotions are the seeds of suffering, anger, and resentment. I’m resentful of how my negative emotions are robbing me of my joy and anger wants to be in the forefront of my thoughts.
I learned on this journey it is important not to be afraid to face these negative emotions. We all have an inner monster that lives within our souls. It wants to be acknowledged just like our other emotions. Every feeling we have plays an important role in our overall human experience.
Feel good about being you today.

Happy new year.
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