First Step to Your Spiritual Journey – Personal Growth Course

The HealingPlaceEnergySchool created a 17-part series First Step to Your Spiritual Journey for the This course was created for anyone beginning or has begun their awakening process and needs guidance and support.

Everyone is on a spiritual journey, consciously, or unconsciously. We all want to know what is our life purpose. As you evaluate your life’s milestones and victories, you feel like something is still missing. 

Has Your Soul Begun to Call You to Take the First Step to Your Spiritual Journey?

Your soul begins by asking you pertinent questions, such as “Do you remember your life purpose? Are you living in your truth? Is this what you want to be doing with your life?”

You realize it isn’t about the external rewards anymore, there is an emptiness, but you don’t know why it is there. Your soul begins whispering, “I need more! I need to live in alignment and integrity, but you DON’T know what it is”. Let the First Step to Your Spiritual Journey take you through the awakening process and align your soul with your life purpose. Your soul is asking to be fed with purpose.

Soul Alignment

Your soul has a purpose, a truth, a vision, and self-expression. If your soul lives in alignment, you will feel it. Your life flows with ease and natural synchronicities. Your chakras will be so happy with you! Because you are alignment with your true self, there is very little or no inner conflict, and you actually radiate pure joy. If you live outside of your soul alignment, your personal energy is fighting to replenish, and your physical and emotional health begins to deteriorate. Your soul is starving for positive energy. Instead, your soul is working hard to overcome the negative aspects of your life. 

First Step to Your Spiritual Journey

I’m so excited to share this knowledge with you!! If the Calling has begun calling you, I can help by giving you guidance and hold your hand during the process.
This series includes. Click to learn more about what you will be learning, First Step to Your Spiritual Journey

  • 12 powerful and transformation lessons
  • 3 healing meditations
  • 3 mindful exercises to support your transformation

Free Excerpt – 3 Ways to Meet Your Spirit Guides

Are you curious about your spirit guides? Who are they? How do they help you? Here is an free excerpt from the 17-part First Step to Your Spiritual Journey – 3 Ways to Meet your Spirit Guides.  This lesson comes with FREE accompanying manual and a meditation to meet your spirit guides.

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