#Stress and #anxiety is rampant! This is the email I received asking for
Will you be doing a workshop for high blood pressure and chronic fatigue syndrome.
I also suffer from anxiety and depression.
Thank you

My response is

I am sorry to hear about the physical problems that you are having. Currently on the HealingPlaceEnergySchool.com have these courses that can help you To relax your body to de-stress and release Anxiety


Just 10 minute protocol is incorporated into the five part foot #reflexology



I would like to teach these courses either by live stream or in person in the future.

I do not have a specifically course for high blood pressure because most people will overdo the reflexology and might cause more problems.

More times than not, High blood pressure is caused by stress and anxiety. If you do any of the above courses several times a week it will help. The courses are permanently yours to refer to.

Each of the courses have an accompany manual. Read the description.

If you have any questions please write again. Thank you.

The #HealingPlaceEnergySchool and #HealingPlaceMedfield can help bring you back to #wellness, #health and #balance

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