Thank you for joining Reiki Masters Helen Chin Lui and Robin Bornstein of

Tonight’s topic – How Many Life Purpose do we actually have? Everyone on the journey thinks about what is their life purpose and why are we here

Reiki Healing Meditation – Many Life Purposes

What if we have many purposes in this current life? How do you know what they are and will you live up to those purposes? . We think we only have one, but what if you have multiply life purposes?

Learning the art of flexibility is vital on this spiritual journey.

Thank you for joining our Reiki Healing Meditation with Robin Kemp Bornstein and Helen Chin Lui from the HealingPlaceEnergySchool.

Please join us next Tuesday, Nov 2, 7pm edt as we discuss giving ourselves grace without judgement.


Have your spirit guides been talking to you lately? Are they guiding you to live your higher purpose?

Reiki Healing Meditation – Many Life Purposes

Don’t let other people’s opinions influence your soul purpose. Instead live every day as though it is your last and stop chasing life, let life come to you.

If your soul has begun to call you to live your higher purpose, you are ready to begin your awakening process. Check out my 17-part course series “First Step to Your Spiritual Journey”.

Let me share with you an excerpt with you, 3 Ways to Connect to Your Spirit Guide


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