Reflexology Association of America (RAA) hosted their bi-annual conference in Orlando, Florida May 2012.  Helen Chin Lui, a member, attended that conference.

Established in 1995, RAA is a professional association for reflexologists in the United States. Reflexology Association of America (RAA) is a non-profit organization that is open to all professional reflexologists, reflexology students and reflexology schools and anyone who wants to support the growth of reflexology in America .

The organization’s goals are to advance its members’ interests through professional practices, public relations and lobbying efforts. It also serves as a national referral board for its member practitioners. […]

As always it is an exciting time for professional Reflexologists from all countries to come together to learn new techniques, take advance reflexology classes, meet other reflexologist and learn new legislation regarding reflexology.

We had members coming as far as England and Scotland to attend the three day convention.
Since I became a professional Reflexologist in 2006, I have attended two Reflexology conventions, the first in 2010 in Portland, Maine and the 2012 convention in Orlando.  The next convention will be held in Mexico City, 2014.

To help participants stay in focus, each day will start with Tai Chi movement lessons and then proceed with various talks such as State Reflexology Law initiative, Infants and Gentle Touch Reflexology, Reflexology in the Workplace, and how Reflexology can people with dementia and memory loss. We end the day with reflexologists sharing Reflexology treatments. We all know that it is always difficult for a reflexologist to find time to have a reflexology treatment.

One of my favorite lectures was “Reflexology the Workplace” with Reflexologist, Bill Flocco and how we can take Reflexology to the workplace.  Unfortunately Bill was not able to attend the convention, but his association Ko Tan presented the subject.

Ko notes that the astronomically high incidence of workplace related illness and injury contributes not only to much pain, suffering and lost wages for workers, but also to absenteeism and lost income for industry, agriculture and small businesses.  Bill Flocco is working on how to bring reflexology to corporate America.
He notes some of the various health issues of the work place.


Did you know that –

  • 58-84% adults suffer from lower back pain. Back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under 45 years old. The annual cost of chronic pain in the United state including healthcare expenses, lost income, and productivity is estimated to be $100 billion.
  • 47% of adults have headaches and/or migraines. In the United States, it is noted there is an approximate 50 billion due to lost productivity from headaches and migraines.
  • 12-19% adults are affected by chronic constipation.  Americans spend more than $700 million annually on over the counter laxatives.
  • There is proof that Reflexology can help with common workplace health problems, such as reducing absenteeism and increase profits.  Companies offering weekly foot, hand and ear reflexology sessions have been able to reduce employee sick time from an average of 11.4 days to 8.5 days per employee.
  • Employees found that many health symptoms diminished, having more relief during each session, benefits last longer and fewer reflexology sessions are required. Reflexology would be a great benefit to add to an employee’s health benefit.

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