Reflexology is wonderful! This week we had some interesting healing episodes at the Healing Place.  Using either Foot or Ear Reflexology techniques, we helped our clients with –         

Relief from migraine headache

Relief from back pain and joints

Reduced Fibromyalgia pain       

Regulated menstrual cycle through natural hormonal balancing         

Children under the age of eight who were having respiratory and tummy issues

Opened the root chakras (1st chakra) using Energy Medicine

Promoted overall relaxation and wellness

Clients extracted toxins from the body with the Detox Foot Bath method

Oh my have we been busy! If you are exploring holistic/alternative therapies, please consider the ancient healing art, Reflexology, Energy Medicine or Reiki.  They are non invasive and gentle energy therapies.  Call the Healing Place at 508 359 – 6463 to schedule a free 15 minute consultation and lets talk how Reflexology can help you.

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