Stuffy nose?
Nose won’t stop dripping?
Your lymph nodes need help!

I just posted a new mini, hand reflexology video on YouTube ( showing ‘how-to’ hand reflexology tips for stuffy nose (sinus drainage) and post nasal drip (lymphatic drainage). In this demonstration I also describe what blocked energy feels like. SO interesting!!

If you missed the initial video, here is the link  In this demonstration, I have drawn arrows showing where and in what direction to proceed and included directions for tip number three listed below.
Here are the three tips in writing, to have with you when you practice this technique with or without the accompanying videos.

Tip #1 Sinus Drainage – Start with the right hand, you can follow on the video, using your left thumb and index finger, ‘walk’ down the side of each right hand finger from the tip to the base. Repeat three times on each finger, then move to the next one.

Tip #2 Lymphatic Drainage – Next, turn your hand palm down, left thumb on top of hand and index finger is placed on the bottom, inchworm down from the base of the fingers towards the wrist in between each finger and thumb. This will encourage lymphatic drainage. Do this 3 times for each of the four indents.

Tip #3 Lymphatic and Sinus drainage – Finally, still on the same hand, turn the hand  palm up. Start at the wrist ending at the base of the fingers, with the thumb on the palm and the index finger on the back of the hand and finger walk (inchworm) between the tendons of each finger.  Move along the length of the hand to the base of each finger.  Repeat 3 times. The difference between steps 2 and 3 will encourage and support sinus and lymphatic drainage.

After doing all three techniques on the right hand, switch to the left and repeat the steps. Perform this protocol 2 or 3 times a day on each hand, until you start to feel better. Don’t forget to drink plenty to water to flush out toxins.

In case you are curious, in an average 60 minute professional reflexology session, there are about fifty steps that are administered per hand. Also, we normally combine hand, ear and foot reflexology in the therapy process.  This full body approach is so relaxing and so effective! For more lasting symptom relief, contact the Healing Place to schedule a professional, one hour, reflexology session at 508 359-6463.

The Healing Place offers a variety of alternative or holistic healing techniques to enable people to live a more balanced lifestyle. Helen Chin Lui is the owner and founder of the Healing Place in Medfield Massachusetts. She is a certified Reflexologist and a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. The Healing Place offers a free 30-minute consultation with Helen Chin Lui where you can discuss your health issues and how she can help you. For more information about services visit

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