Hi! My name is Prince Russell (Rusty) Toolittle. I’m a five-and-a-half-pound Toy Chihuahua and my human is Connie Dunn, who takes me with her for Reflexology sessions! Connie does a book writing group at the Healing Place in Medfield. I do a lot of writing with Connie!

About Reflexology: I LOVE it! I just lay up on the table with my human/mommy and absorb all the positive energy. One of the other reasons I love Reflexology is that I get to hang out with my friends, Kirby and Milo. Kirby and Milo are the official greeters for the Healing Place. Helen is their human; she gives us TREATS!

I know a little bit about Reflexology. It has nothing to do with your reflexes, whatever they are, it’s all about feet! Now I’m into feet! I like to lick my own paws and I like to lick human’s feet. I may be starting something new called Lickology! I think Kirby, Milo and I can handle all the human clients for that! However, I’ve noticed that Kirby much prefers mouths over feet. That’s all right, because Lickology can be performed on any part of your body, such as arms, legs, face…and feet! You can get more information by calling the number 508 359-6463  for the Healing Place in Medfield!

In case Kirby, Milo and I are too licked out to perform, there are more appointments available with Helen, who squeezes toes for a living.

– Prince Russell (Rusty) Toolittle

Helen Chin Lui is a certified Reflexologist, certified Energy Medicine and Reiki practitioner. She is the founder and owner of the Healing Place in Medfield. She specializes in helping clients with chronic digestive disorders and chronic pain. For your free report “Proven Alternative Ways to Heal Chronic Digestive Problems: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Can Keep You from Healing”

If you would like to schedule a free 60-minute consultation or make an appointment, please call 508 359 6463 or  for more information about services visit the Healing Place’s website at www.healingplacemedfield.com

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