Here is an “in the moment” exercise that I wrote on June 6, 2010……

The Beauty of Eyes?

Have you taken the time to look into your own eyes? The saying is that the “eyes” are the windows to the soul. Eyes tell so much about the person. To learn to be in the moment and start to see yourself for who you are, stand in front of a mirror and look into your own eyes. Continue to look for two minutes straight and build up to 5. (This is not an easy exercise.)

What do you see?

Did you notice the primary color? Can you see all the colors that make up the iris–those shades of blue, green or brown? Can you read the eyes’ energy? Do they feel full? empty? happy? sad? afraid? Record what you saw, felt, and sensed. This can be the beginning of a connection with yourself.

Try it this and you may be pleasantly surprised what you will learn about yourself.


About the writer: Helen Chin Lui is a Certified Reflexologist, Certified Energy Medicine and Reiki Practitioner. She is the founder and owner of the Healing Place in Medfield, MA. She specializes in helping adults and children to find long-lasting relief from chronic pain, digestive issues and heal hormonal imbalances naturally. For her free report “Proven Alternative Ways to Heal Common Chronic Digestive Problems: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Can Keep You From Healingclick here.

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