Most of us not be aware of what happens behind the closed doors of factory farms. That’s because these companies don’t want you to find out!

The brutality and horrific conditions animals are subjected to in these factories is simply unacceptable. All kinds of animals are being mistreated and harmed as part of a world-wide food chain that spares minimal thought for the animals in the system.

There is so much cruelty occurring in factory farms, but today we’re highlighting what we believe to be 6 of the most gut-wrenching of all!

These stories are going to make you think twice how food are raised and in what conditions.

Factory Farmed Milk

Calves are removed from their mothers as early as one day after being born, so that the mother can be used for milk production. The cows spend their entire lives standing on concrete floors or confined to massive, crowded lots, where they are forced to live in their own feces. The natural lifespan of cows is approximately 20 years, producing milk for 8 or 9 of these years.

However, due to the stress and diseases caused by these inhumane conditions, their milk production slows early, and they are rendered worthless to the dairy industry by the young age of 4 or 5! These cows are then sent for slaughter. For full article

Learn where your food comes from.


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