The HealingPlaceMed is so excited! My staff and I have been meeting to talk about how we can help more people. We realize not everyone can come to us in Medfield, Massachusetts, so we decided to take our healing services to the world by using the air waves.

We are in the process of developing self-care and self-healing, online classes that are easy, quick and effective! Best of all, these techniques can be learned and be done from the privacy of your home in a short amount of time.

We are passionate about teaching people on how to be proactive with their own health care.

We want to teach people that medications are not always the first solution, and that you can apply a few holistic healing techniques that are effective and non-invasive to help alleviate your ailments.

So if you want to be empowered, become balanced, feel calmer, THEN you need to check out the HealingPlaceMed’s holistic health series.

The series will include Reflexology tips (foot and hand), energy medicine tips, reiki, meditation and nutrition and more.

You have the power. We have the knowledge!! Let’s share and make it happen for you.

Watch for details! Coming soon!

The HealingPlaceMed specializes in helping people of all ages to find long term solution and relief from chronic digestive disorders, chronic pain and balances hormones naturally. To schedule your FREE consultation, call 508 359-6463 or email us at [email protected]

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