How Chakra balancing session work? Chakra balancing can be done through Energy Medicine. The Chakras run from the top of the head (crown area) down to the base of your spine. However, in energy work, we start from the bottom of your spine. The energy runs up through each of the Chakras along the spine like a tunnel. There are seven main Chakras and twenty one minor Chakras (Energy Medicine practitioner’s primary focus is on the seven main Chakras.)

Each Chakra is like a Spinning Disk of Energy. When our Energy is out of balance one or more of the Chakras are spinning too slow or too fast. Sometimes a Chakra will even stop spinning, which means you have a blockage.

During a Chakra Balancing Session, the practitioner assesses the flow of energy and removes blockages, as well, as evens out the flow from all the Chakras. If your chakras are balanced, in most cases you feel balanced and lighter. Thus, the Chakras are balanced. Chakras give off a certain color or vibration, which aids the Energy Medicine Practitioner in balancing your Chakras.

What is involved in a Chakra balancing session? An Energy Medicine Healer will run their hand a few inches from your body and in your Energy Field or Aura from your hip to the top of your head to detect warm (moving energy) and cold energy (slow moving energy) spots. This will help them understand your body’s energy flow. Some Energy Healers work only in the Aura, others will touch areas in each of the Chakras to speed up, slow down, remove blockages and balance each Chakra starting at the lower Chakra and work their way up to your crown.

Our Energy Medicine practitioners will work directly on the body, starting at your right hip for your first Charka, than underneath belly button for the second Chakra, than moving to underneath your rib cage for the third Chakra, than to the heart for fourth Chakra, than to the throat for fifth Chakra, than to the third eye (between the eye brows) for 6th Chakra than to the crown Chakra for the seventh Chakra. Most of the time by learning where the client does not feel well will also tell the energy medicine practitioner which chakra(s) are blocked.

Some Energy Healers can see the colors associated with each Chakra which aids them in detecting where the energy is out of balance. Some practitioners can sense and feel the vibration of each Chakra. Our practitioner can feel and sense the flow of energy and redirects it so that the energy flows evenly throughout the body (similar to directing traffic.)

What is the focus of a Chakra balancing session? A Chakra Balancing Session is about balancing the Energy flow of each of the Chakras, after assessing where the energy is blocked or excessive. Energy Medicine Practitioners are trained in the art of reading, touching and healing Chakra Energy, which is sometimes called Life Force Energy.

What are the qualifications of a Chakra or Energy Medicine Practitioner? Most energy healers graduate with a degree in Energy Medicine. Most institutes require a 2-3 year commitment (500+ hours of classroom, self process work, intuitive development , homework and learn about 18 different  healing addressing various pain.)

Who can benefit from Chakra balancing sessions? Everyone can benefit from Energy Medicine or Reiki treatments. You do not have to have an illness to have Energy Medicine treatments. Clients who want to alleviate stress can benefit from Energy Medicine. All ages can benefit from Reiki, including infants and children. We have clients as young as three months old to people in their 90’s  seeking our services.

What can I expect at a first Chakra balancing session? The practitioner will go over the intake form with the client and discuss how a session will be tailored to their needs. Clients are encouraged to ask questions. The first session is approximately 90-120 minutes, which comprises of health history, goal setting, discussion, active healing session which will include a chakra balancing, Reflexology and/or Reiki, answer any questions, and may be assigned homework to support the healing. Thereafter, sessions are normally 60 minutes in length. Sessions that include a detox foot bath are longer.

What do I need to do to prepare for a healing session? If this is your first session, you need to fill out the confidential assessment form and other paperwork required. Otherwise, you would prepare yourself in similar ways to preparing for a doctor’s visit.

What types of symptoms can Chakra balance help with? There really aren’t any limits to what Chakra Balancing can do for a person. As a rule, when your Chakras are in balance, you feel good and experience better physical and emotional health.

How Do I start? Clients will be asked to fill out a confidential assessment form to describe their health status. Upon review of the form, if our practitioners feel we can help the prospective client, a 60-minute consultation will be scheduled. If the Healing Place’s practitioner feels we cannot help the prospective client, we will refer him or her to another resource or practitioner that is a better suited for the particular person and their health issues.

If you are accepted in our healing program –the Healing Place will customized a healing program to address your energy needs. Clients are expected to fill out a confidential client intake form and sign a commitment contract. A deposit will be required to book the first appointment.

Will every session be only a Chakra balancing healing? Depending on your health needs we may combine it with Reflexology and Reiki.

I want to send to child under the age of 18  for some healing work. Depending on the level of maturity of the child, we do not recommend this therapy. Children must be able to lie still for at least 30 minutes. Parents must sign for children under the age of 18. Children’s healing session can range from 10-30 minutes depending on how long the child can sit or lie still. A parent or legal guardian is required to accompany minors under the age of 18, but may decide whether to sit in or not during a session with the minor.

At all sessions, The Energy Medicine treatment consists of an assessment and light touch therapy either directly on the body.

What will I feel during an Chakra balancing session? Many people find Energy Medicine sessions, for the most part, very relaxing. People usually feel lighter and any dense energy has diminished.

How will I feel after an Energy Medicine session? Directly after a session, clients may feel very rested and in a relaxed state of mind. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that she or he is fully alert before proceeding to drive a car.

After one or two treatments your body may respond in a very definite way. Most people noticed that they have more energy and have a sense of well being. Please note how your body responds to treatments and inform the Energy Medicine Practitioner so that sessions will be customized to your specific needs. It is suggested that clients drink approximately 64 oz of clear water a day to flush toxins following a session.

How many Chakra balancing sessions will I need before I see results? Clients may see results after one or two sessions. For maximum results, it is suggested that clients have 4-8, meet once a week for four consecutive weeks and following sessions are spaced out. Each time we meet we will evaluate, assessment and continuous customize a healing to fit your needs.

Why should I commit to a maintenance plan? Like all good things we need to continue with good practices, just like exercising, brushing your teeth, and watching your diet. By maintaining with a maintenance plan most clients notice a feeling of balance, sleep better, feel less stressed, and a lot more.

Chakra Balancing is a complementary therapy to conventional medicine and does NOT replace conventional medical treatment.

Helen Chin Lui is a certified Reflexologist, certified Energy Medicine and Reiki practitioner. She is the founder and owner of the Healing Place in Medfield. She specializes in helping clients with chronic digestive disorders and chronic pain. For your free report “Proven Alternative Ways to Heal Chronic Digestive Problems: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Can Keep You from Healing”

To schedule a free 60-minute consultation, please call 508 359 6463 or  for more information about services visit the Healing Place’s website at

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