At the end of the year people often think about changes they would like to make in their lives for the upcoming year. The most common goals are to lose weight, live healthier, improve and maintain good relationships and attract abundance.

To start the New Year the Healing Place is pleased to be offering an eight (8) session cleanse program designed to clear and purify your body, mind and spirit. The benefit a cleanse is helping you to feel better, find balance, and attract whatever you are looking for to enhance your life.

These are interactive, informative and supportive classes. Each class will begin with a positive affirmation and conclude with a meditation to reflect and to help you absorb the experience. There will be time for questions within each of the classes, and best of all you don’t need any prior experience in meditating, or cleansing to participate. Just come with an open mind.

The successful road to nurturing and cleansing your body begins with learning how to take control of your life, with Certified Holistic Practitioner, ReSheeda Bowman.

Weeks 1, 2 & 3

Body and Liver Cleanse

Your body will be on its way to feeling and looking better. It is probably hard for you to even imagine how much better your body will feel without all of those stored toxins. We will discuss the importance of a body and liver cleanse purification. How often to cleanse? For how long? What to eat? What supplements are needed to keep you healthy? As an added bonus, most participants lose anywhere from 5-10 pounds. Participants will receive a booklet with directions and recipes, and supplements to aid in the cleansing process.

After the Body Cleanse, learn what comes next with Certified Holistic Health Coach, Renee Adamson

Week 4

After the Body Cleanse and Conquering Cravings

Learn how to turn the changes you have made with the body cleanse into lasting lifestyle changes, one step at a time and with the support you need to maintain your energy levels and weight loss.  You’ll also learn how to tame those awful food cravings while navigating through food challenges during stressful times and social situations.  You can override food challenges and feel good without including eating activities.

Week 5

The Causes of Most Digestive Issues

Why does it seem that no matter which foods we eat, we can’t lose the weight?  Often, the answer lies in the acid/alkaline balance in our bodies or issues with insulin resistance.  The liver cleanse jump-started the process of purifying our bodies to enhance weight loss, and in this session you’ll learn other strategies for taming those digestive issues.

Week 6

Acceptance and Forgiveness – What to Eat When Life Gets Busy

Many of us reach for easy, often unhealthy meal solutions  when we’re overwhelmed with the busyness of life.  Learn some simple, nutritious meals that you can get on the table quickly and avoid “falling off the wagon.”  However, because we’re not perfect, we need tips to help us move on from occasional “mistakes.”  The power of guilt beats us up when we eat something that isn’t on our food plan.  Learn how to accept and forgive by including simple tips to nourish yourself in a loving and guilt-free way.

Balance the energy of the Mind and Body to attract what you want with Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Helen Chin Lui

Week 7

How to Reboot Your Mind, Body and Spirit Energy!

Now that we are feeling better about our health, lets talk about energy! How we feel depends on how our body’s energy flows. Energy affects every aspect of our physical, emotional and spiritual health. We all have emotions that comprise of good and negative experiences. The good ones just make us happy, and we refer to them often. But the negative emotions are the ones that keep us up at night. We play them over and over again in our heads. These emotions not only get stored deeper but they are difficult to process.  Eventually negative emotions impact us every aspect of our lives. In this workshop you will learn how to recognize your energy patterns and let go of the ones that you don’t need.

Week 8

How to Live a More Joyful and Conscious Life

How often do the voices in your head keep you from moving ahead in your life? Every time you want to make a change you run the same redundant dialogue in your head. In this workshop you will learn how to interpret your voices and put them to bed to break the “stuck cycle”.


About Our Practitioners –

Resheeda bowman Reflexology Healing Medfield MAReSheeda Bowman is a Certified Holistic Practitioner & Reiki Master through Women of Wisdom School and a certified Kundalini Reiki Practitioner from Center of Westwood. She served as an apprentice at The Herbal Academy of New England. ReSheeda specializes in body cleansing program at The Sacred Self in Canton, MA.

renee adamson2 Reflexology Healing Medfield MARenee Adamson – Renee is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She specializes in helping women with blood sugar imbalances, fatigue, and chronic conditions feel their best. She empowers her clients to achieve their individual physical, mental and spiritual health goals through simple lifestyle changes, one small step at a time. Renee is passionate about the healing power of food and the body’s ability to heal itself. Renee embarked upon her own healing journey four years ago after a cancer diagnosis, and has witnessed the power of nutrition, movement, meditation, reiki, and other modalities in her own life.

helen-media-headshot Reflexology Healing Medfield MAHelen Chin Lui – Helen is a certified Reflexologist, certified energy medicine practitioner and a certified Usui Reiki Master and teacher. She is the owner of the Healing Place in Medfield, MA. Helen specializes in helping clients find long term relief from chronic digestive disorders, chronic pain and helps them balance hormones naturally.

Dates: Thursdays, January 21st, 28th, February 4th, 11th, 25th, March 3rd, March 10th, 17th, 2006
Time: 7:00pm-8:30pm  Cost: $300

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