Most of us take our feet for granted. We stand, walk, run and hike with nary a thought about our feet unless they hurt. Bunions, blisters, corns. Since I make my living, literally, on my feet as a swing dance instructor, it’s especially important that I pay attention to them. Reflexology is most often associated with the feet, but it can also include the hands and ears.

Some people either can’t or don’t like to have their feet touched or  there maybe they have a real medical issue, such as a burn, fungus or broken bone, or maybe they simply feel they are too ticklish.” For these people, hand reflexology allows the exact same benefits as foot reflexology.

But the practice of reflexology is more than just a foot or hand massage, and its benefits are many. Whereas a massage focuses traditionally on relaxing tight muscles, reflexologists believe there are reflex points on the hands and feet located in the tissues of the skin that link to different organs or parts of the body.

When a reflexologist works on the reflex point using thumb, finger and hand techniques, it is thought that it also affects the corresponding part of the body. Say you have liver issues, the reflexologist can address them by working on the liver reflex point on the foot. This is especially helpful when direct application to an organ or part of the body is inaccessible or undesirable. To read more

About the writer – Linda Freeman for Poughkeepsie Journal.

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