My Reflexology colleague, Bill Flocco, of the American Academy of Reflexology in California, has compiled another list of fascinating facts about hands. There is more information to come.

Let’s face the fact that we take our hands for granted. What can you do without your hands? Not very much. If you observe what your hands do every day, you will be astonished and appreciate the mechanics of your hands from all that they do for you, from typing on a computer to picking up tiny and large objects, to holding and carrying items. Thank you hands.

  • Each hand has at least 129 named ligaments.
  • The hand has 34 muscles that move the fingers and thumbs: 17 in the palm of the hand and 18 in the forearm.
  • We work our fingers by remote control…from our brain

  •  The fingers are special, because there are no muscles inside the fingers. The muscles which bend the finger joints are located in the palm and up in the mid forearm, and are connected to the finger bones by tendons, which pull on and move the fingers like the strings of a marionette.
  • Each hand has 48 nerves: 3 major nerves, 24 named sensory branches and 21 named muscular branches.
  • Each hand has 30 named arteries and nearly as many smaller named branches.
  • Fingers are never perfectly straight.
  • The finger bones are relatively straight on the backside, but curved on the palm side.
  • The hand has five fingers.
  • Some babies are born with more than 5 fingers on a hand; the condition is called polydactyly or extra digits. There is no real explanation for this condition; however, it seems to be genetics and passed down through the mother’s line.

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