Helen Chin Lui is thrilled to be invited for an interview with Brazil’s Conceição Trucom of DoceLimão to right a wrong, by correcting the unsafe Clothespin Ear Reflexology posted by many of the social media platforms.

Since many of us do not speak #Portuguese, I have translated Conceição Trucom’s introduction and questions while interviewing Helen Chin Lui about the Clothespin Ear Reflexology method that has gone viral.

Conceição Trucom of DoceLimão Introduction

Have you seen and heard about the clothespin ear reflexology method that helps to alleviate minor pain that has gone viral on the various social media platforms in America?

In the meantime, Doce Limão reproduced and translated the information into Portuguese and has gone viral reaching about 8 millions viewers in Brazil. The video claims that the method was developed by Certified Reflexologist Helen Chin Lui. Helen is the owner of the Healing Place in the US. We contacted Helen to learn more about the Clothespin Ear Reflexology method. We were surprised what we learned. Check out this exclusive interview with Conceição Trucom from Doce Limão, straight from Massachusetts, USA


Hello Helen, my name is Conceição Trucom. I am the manager of the Brazilian website Doce Limão. Would you please tell us a little about What is Reflexology and its therapeutic benefits?

We contacted you because there is a video that has gone viral using your name about Ear Reflexology using clothespins to help ease minor pain. The video said that it is very simple to do and fun. Since we reproduced and translated the information on our website, we decided to contact you to learn more and to share with our audience.

We were surprised to discover that this video was made without your knowledge or consent and that you had nothing to do with making this video; in fact, you did not develop this method. My main question is to make it clear to our audience or even to the world is… Would you please comment how your name was misused and that you say you did not develop this ear reflexology method. Is there any information in the video that is beneficial to our audience?


I am very grateful for all your sweetness, kindness and interest in sharing your knowledge in a simple and welcoming way. Thank you very much, namastê!

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