Tapping into the infinite source energy is where all of our greatest manifestations are realized, right? The universe, God, love—all the same.

The great infinite source energy. And when we are vibrating within the source energy vibration, that is when we start attracting all that we want. All that we have manifested. It’s when we are open and creative. And when the most incredibly things can happen.

Here are my top five tips on the daily for tapping into that source energy and shifting my vibrations from negative to positive and thus putting into motion the law of attraction. Any of these can be done anywhere, anytime, and within 30 seconds.

HIGHEST FORM | this is a VERY tricky one for me as I was raised by my incredibly honest and blunt mother and Grandmother that call it like they see it. A quality I inherited.

But it’s so powerful when you come into contact with those around you—family, friends, street people, and randoms—and as soon as negative thoughts or judgments surface, my favorite challenge is to see these souls in their highest form.

From a place of who they were when they were born, pure and loving. This is one of the highest frequencies to which the law of attraction starts to be realized. Literally, three things I will have been manifesting will pop up in one day. Imagine if we all shifted and looked through this filter.

JUMP FOR JOY | I’ve written about this daily habit before here. It truly can shift so much perspective in a matter of seconds. And as I’m jumping with pure love in my heart, I just start repeating all the wonderful things that are coming that I’m already SO SO grateful for!

HOLD A SMILE | honestly, this seems like a no brainer. But you’d be surprised how many little occurrences activate irritating feelings in you throughout the day. When I become conscious of these, I’ll literally start smiling and hold it for 30 seconds. This is usually enough to bring my vibration back up.

MUDRAS | I love this book, or when one has the time to commit, RA MA TV. Even five minutes with targeted mudras can heavily shift my vibration and consciousness.

LIST GRATITUDE | on the spot, I’ll list five things that are the first unfiltered joyful things that come to my mind. Health, car, this flower, my dog and my clients. This is truly how simple the act will be, and right away I’ll be in a completely elevated frequency.

Writer- Lacy Phillips of Free + Native Journal


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