Avoid Negative Personal Energy Flow – Energy Medicine Tip

The world of quantum physics states that everything in the universe is made of energy and matter; and all physical atoms are made of vortexes of energy that are always moving, spinning and vibrating.

Each one of us has unique energy vortex centers; our biological DNA determines our overall physical health, and our spiritual DNA determines how we look at life. Our chakras are made of energy vortexes that attract energy and information to us like a magnet.

Psychic Debris

Along with having sluggish and blocked energy, vortex centers can become blocked with negative energy from years of accumulation of stressful situations and psychic debris.

Everyone has psychic debris, and no one is exempt from it. Psychic debris comprises of stressful encounters and conflicts with family, friends, and co-workers. How much debris we accumulate depends on how well we have processed our emotions to prevent negativity from building up. Do you let go with ease? Or are you replaying the same painful memories obsessively in your head?

Psychic debris is especially problematic for people who are highly sensitive or are empaths. They absorb other people’s problems as though they belong to them. They are usually overly-involved with family and work problems and tend to take on the archetype of a rescuer or a people-pleaser.

Problem Solver

Empaths Problem solver empaths are NOT ONLY working hard to manage their energy but ALSO managing other people’s energy. They become addicted to problem-solving without realizing it.

Worry and Fears

Everyone worries, but if your worries and fears are overwhelming you, these extreme emotions can eventually cause an energy overload or burnout. 


What are your beliefs? Our beliefs have been ingrained in us as young children by our parents and community. Most beliefs are passed down from one generation to another without much thought or question. As you become an adult you may start to question your family’s beliefs; this can cause a rift in what you believe to be true and causes you to question your beliefs.


How and whom do you judge? Is your critical eye getting in the way of your growth? Comparing yourself to and competing with others will stunt your personal growth, because eventually you will reach the point where nothing you do will be good enough.

The Next Time

The next time you begin to have negative thought cycle, STOP and just be quiet. Don’t think! Your thoughts are playing tricks on you. Your mind has been programmed to think this way. It is up to you to write a new program. When your mind begins swirling, be kind to yourself, and don’t BELIEVE everything you think.

About the Writer

Helen Chin Lui is the a Certified Reflexologist, Certifield Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master and teacher. She is the owner of the Healing Place LLC and Healingl Place Energy School LLC

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