My foot hurts, and I would love foot reflexology or a foot massage. What’s the difference?

Who doesn’t love a foot massage after a long day standing on your feet? Or because you have an ailment and your foot hurts? Why does your foot hurt even when you think you don’t have a reason for it? We could dive into all kinds of health reasons for foot pain, and the list is long. I want to give you a quick story about the difference between foot reflexology and a good old fashion foot massage.

Feel good effect

Both foot reflexology and a foot massage have the feel-good effects that are amazing. Foot reflexology is done by a certified and trained reflexologist who had extensive training of the pressure points in the feet, hands, and ears. A reflexologist applies pressure to those targeted points in a strategic manner to release stagnant energy.

Reflexing points on the feet

By reflexing points on the feet can alleviate blocked energy by restoring positive energy flow. Reflexology therapy can address many health issues from stomach problems, headaches, and sinus problems, and much more. The healing aspect of Reflexology therapy is to relax the body so that all body functions can work together to support the body to heal.

Foot Reflexology and foot massage are not the same

A reflexology treatment and a foot massage may seem similar, but they are different. They are both beneficial and can help your overall health.  A foot massage is just a foot massage and relieves tension in the soft tissue. It is super relaxing and feels great afterward.

Reflexology, on the other hand, can relax the feet while addressing specific health issues and can support overall wellbeing.

Decide what is best for you

About the Writer

Robin Bornstein is a Certified Kundalini and Certified Usui Reiki Master practitioner. Robin has been practicing professional Reiki since 2014. She developed an interest in Reiki out of her personal spiritual growth and development. Robin has always been interested in the healing arts but never thought of becoming a practitioner. She was convinced to follow this path after having several Reiki healing sessions where she felt calmer and more balanced. Her interest grew, and she wanted to learn more.

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