Know Your Reflexology
People ask me all the time what is the difference between a foot rub and certified Reflexology session. Unfortunately, many of these so call reflexology establishments or foot massage parlors give certified reflexology a bad name. Few or none of these established are trained in the healing art of Reflexology. A foot reflexology certification class is 300 hours long comprising of anatomy, physiology, practice and clinician sessions. In my training I also had to write a thesis. Mine was on “Can Reflexology help to diminish or eliminate medication intake.” During my 100 clinician sessions, I found that reflexology can help to reduce or stabilize medication intake, but it could not eliminate intake.
Foot massage parlor offers what I call “show reflexology” where all the technicians begin and end the session at the same time. To learn about this type of service, I decided to visit several foot massage parlors to draw my own conclusion.
I found the sessions had a “show” feeling, they were relaxing, but I am not certain how effective they are. They do walk the “zones,” meaning they touch points on the bottom of the feet, but there was no emphasize on anything. (Nothing on the top or sides of the feet.) I call this “touching everything but touching nothing at the same time.” I knew exactly what they were doing. The technicians did not speak English. If you have questions, they can’t be answered.
Be educated and make your own decision. Don’t let the low cost lure you to believe you are getting a real Reflexology session. Ask questions. The easiest one is “how many hours of Reflexology training have you had?” And if they can’t answer…well….

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