I love that my book, Know Your Chakras” are getting reviews. I am honored and pleased to share my knowkedge from 13,000 healing sessions since 2006.
Everyone wants the same things —family and a partner, peace, health, abundance, joy, home, ample food, meaningful work. What happens when something is missing? Do we end up chasing? STOP the maddness. Change your energy frequency and become a magnet for positive outcomes.
I love this review by Jane “My resolution for this year was to focus on mindfulness and practicing a healthier lifestyle. “Know Your Chakras” was the ideal vehicle for tuning into my inner capacities while finding a little island of peace in my busy life. Ms. Lui teaches her lessons in clear and easy to read prose and includes links to guided meditations, suggestions on proper diet, and guidance on how to correct energy imbalances by focusing on the seven chakras. She even includes homework to reinforce her lessons. Ms. Lui offers a clear pathway for an energized, more stress free and vibrant life. I highly recommend this excellent work.” Get your copy today, “Know Your Chakras” by Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Helen Chin Lui on amazon.com

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