Covid, respiratory and immune support with hand reflexology – online course

Especially now with the rising number of omicron variant cases, you need to Support your respiratory health while building your immune system with hand reflexology.

Once you learn the hand reflexology steps, it will only takes 5 minutes to do this protocol. You may repeat these steps as needed to continue building your immune system. After the Reflexology session, please drink plenty of water to flush toxins.

COVID, COPD, Cold, Flu, COVID respiratory Relief course is designed to help with:

Support and strengthen your immune system
Support lung and respiratory systems
Support digestive and liver systems
Support and strengthen your lymphatic system
Encourage toxins to move through your intestines

What Will You Learn?
Lesson 1: How to Use Your Thumbs, Fingers, and Hand in a Reflexology Session (3:42)
Lesson 2: Accompanying and Downloadable Reflexology E-book
Lesson 3: Step by Step Instruction on How to Give a Respiratory Relief and Support Reflexology Session (32:43)

To learn more and enroll,

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