Ear, Foot, and Hand Reflexology to Relieve Insomnia

Everyone suffers from insomnia from time to time. There are worldwide studies showing that 30-50% population suffers from insomnia. It is common in older adults, females, and people with medical and mental ill-health. 

It’s estimated that 1/3 of adults and about 2/3 of high school and college students don’t get enough sleep. One of four women has some insomnia symptoms, such as falling or staying asleep or both. About one in seven adults has chronic long-term insomnia. 

The most common insomnia causes include stress, irregular sleep schedule, poor sleeping habits, worrying, anxiety, and depression: having physical illnesses and pain, and neurological problems.

How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Getting enough sleep is essential for good health and maintaining your immune system, metabolic functions, regulating your circadian rhythm, and your overall well-being. While you are asleep, your body repairs damaged muscles and tissues and remove built-up toxins in the brain and body. Sleep enough is also vital to stabilizing your emotions, decision-making, and productivity. 

  • Babies and toddlers 11-14 hours
  • Preschool, 10-13
  • School-age children, 9-11
  • Teenagers, 8-10
  • Adults, 7-9
  • Older adults over the ages 65,  7-8

Sleep Deprivation 

Research says that the brain needs 3 hours of sleep to regain full senses. Sleep deprivation can take a toll and can eat away at your physical and emotional health very quickly. The constant feeling of fatigue is draining. (I can use a nap now.)

Ear Reflexology tip

Look at the accompanying ear reflexology map. Observe the points and then press on those points for a count of 5 on both ears simultaneously. Press on these points as needed to lure you into falling and staying asleep.  

Video: Can’t Sleep? Foot and Hand Reflexology to the Rescue

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