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Video: Spontaneous Constipation Relief with Foot Reflexology Tip

October 16th, 2020 | gas

Video: Spontaneous Constipation Relief – Foot Reflexology Tip Certified Reflexologist Helen Chin Lui specializes working with clients of all ages on various health issues including a variety of digestive problems such as constipation, IBS, Crohn’s disease, slow mobility, diverticulitis, gas and bloating, acid reflux, kidney stones. With her skilled hands, Helen knows where to press […]

Gas and Bloating Relief with Hand Reflexology

November 22nd, 2019 | gas
stomach pain

Gas and Bloating Relief with Hand Reflexology Digestion begins in the mouth.  Here are simple steps to incorporate daily to help decrease gas and bloating! Chew your food! – A saying that I love teaching clients and constantly remind myself as well! I can’t stress the importance of chewing your food thoroughly. Check out our […]

Easy Tips to Avoid Bloating

July 16th, 2016 | gas

Digestion truly begins in the mouth, but also revolves around our mental and emotional states- I’ll touch more in depth about the science behind digestion, digesting food and other aspects surrounding that in Digestion. Here are 10 simple steps anyone can start incorporating into their lifestyle that may help decrease belly bloat! 1. “Chew your […]

Why is My Stomach Queasy?

October 11th, 2015 | gas

Sometimes you may get a bloated and uncomfortable feeling after you have a meal, especially if the meal is big. There are many reasons why this is happening, but you don’t know why. All you know is you feel uncomfortable. Your queasy stomach may feel like nausea, dizziness, gas, or heartburn which can inhibit some […]

You’ve Cut Out Gluten & Dairy But Still Feel Like Crap! Now What?

June 26th, 2015 | gas

Are you on the the gluten-free, dairy-free bandwagon? If so, you probably already know that some foods can cause unpleasant side effects, like bloating, gas, indigestion and low energy levels. The frustrating part comes when you remove the problem foods from your diet, but you don’t see any improvements. Maybe you’re not sure if it’s […]

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