Gas and Bloating Relief with Hand Reflexology

Digestion begins in the mouth.  Here are simple steps to incorporate daily to help decrease gas and bloating!

Chew your food! – A saying that I love teaching clients and constantly remind myself as well! I can’t stress the importance of chewing your food thoroughly. Check out our other article “Do I Really Have to Chew 40 times?

Avoid carbonated drinks and Limit Your Sugar Intake –  Sugar and added CO2, add air and bubbles to your belly!

Eat Whole Foods – Whole foods keep our digestive system running smoothly, although some whole foods like the cruciferous family (broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, etc.) may actually cause gas and bloating in some- just be mindful.

Eat healthy fats: Healthy fats from eating nuts, olive, fish, flaxseed oils, and avocados

Portion Control – It means exactly as it sounds. Learn to eat less food, and more often. Pushing away from the table is a good practice. Before you know it you will be practice mindful eating.

Drinking plenty of water – It is said it is best to drink half of your weight in ounces.

Keep Moving – Digestion takes a lot of energy to break down food, especially if we’ve overeaten or eating too much fat  Fat takes the longest to digest.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up if you don’t do well one day, start again the next.– Many of us are constantly living in a state of chronic stress, anxiety, and not being present causing our stress hormones to go in overdrive switching into “fight or flight” mode. You are more likely to overeat or reach for your favorite foods. This is when you come back and ask yourself are you really eating for hunger?

Gas and Bloating Relief with Hand Reflexology


I began working with Helen due to pain. I have psoriatic arthritis, which is an immune disorder. I tried altering my diet, but that is very taxing. I still avoid certain foods.  Since Helen began working with me, I feel stronger. I am still experiencing some elimination issues sporadically. The pain has lessened. Helen cares at a deep level for her clients. She always goes that extra mile for them. I can honestly say that reflexology has helped alleviate the pain and controlled my elimination issues to keep things more in balance.  I recommend working with Helen if you have digestive problems.

Connie Dunn

Helen Chin Lui

Helen Chin Lui

Helen has been a practicing professional reflexology since 2006. She is the owner and founder of the Healing Place LLC and Healing Place Energy School LLC in Medfield, MA. USA.She has reflexology certificates in foot, hand, ear, pediatric, fertility, pain management, advance digestive, musculoskeletal, Pallative and Cancer Care and Acupressure Reflexology. She also an certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master and teacher.

Release Stress and Anxiety with Reflexology

Learn Foot Reflexology to Promote Relaxation

 Manage Stress and Anxiety with Reflexology

With a touch of a pair of loving hands you can help yourself or a loved one to release stress and anxiety by pressing on hundreds of reflexology points on the feet. Reflexology techniques are simple to learn and can be done in the privacy of your environment.

In 60 minutes you will learn about:

  • Hand and thumb techniques
  • How to prepare for a Reflexology session
  • A feeling of deep calmness. relaxation, and rejuvenation.
  • Promote homeostasis – the balance of normalization of the body
  • Promote circulation and encourages the removal of toxins
  • Reduce stress and promotes deep relaxation
  • Give yourself or a loved one a 15 minute deep relaxation Reflexology session

This video accompanies Helen Chin Lui’s booklet of the same name. Find Foot Reflexology to Promote Relaxation

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