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How is your Immune System Linked to your Digestion? #HandReflexology #Reflexology #SelfCare Video Course

September 20th, 2022 | immune system
build your immune system with foot refleoxlogy

Strong Immune System Starts in your Digestive Tract – Hand Reflexology for Healthy Immunity   What goes on in your intestines reflects your ability to fight off harmful and invasive pathogens. Your gut and your immune system are linked! About 70-80% of your immunity lives in your digestive tract. Your intestines are continuously exposed to […]

Exercising Supports Your Immune System

February 6th, 2022 | immune system
helen walking

Exercising Support Your Physical Health and Immune System Exercising not only supports your physical and mental health, but exercising can also support your immune system. I knew exercise was good for maintaining and losing weight and lowering disease risks such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Not getting enough exercise can lead […]

Strengthen Your Immune System With Reflexology

March 2nd, 2020 | immune system
sick family lying in bed

Has Body Inflammation Overtaken Your Life?

August 12th, 2016 | immune system
stomach pain

Growing up in an Asian household we were taught many things. One of lessons was the importance of conscious eating. What does that mean? Eating the right balance of foods that would not upset the body’s “chi.” The list went on and on (in a good way). Eating lessons have been imprinted into the back […]

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