Strong Immune System Starts in your Digestive Tract – Hand Reflexology for Healthy Immunity


What goes on in your intestines reflects your ability to fight off harmful and invasive pathogens. Your gut and your immune system are linked! About 70-80% of your immunity lives in your digestive tract. Your intestines are continuously exposed to antigens and immunomodulatory agents that can disrupt your immune system.

Immunomodulator health-building agents such as getting enough vitamin D, getting enough rest, managing your stress and anxiety, eating a whole-food diet, and managing your recreational fun can build and support a healthy immune system. If you are constantly sick, it might be time to evaluate your diet.


Diet to Support Your Immune System

Our daily diets create an overall environment in our bodies. We can make our physical environment more or less favorable to illnesses and diseases through diet. The proper nutrients can boost our immune system’s competence. A diet rich in plant-based whole foods and minimizing refined carbohydrates and non-organic meat has been shown to promote a healthy immune system.


What Else Do the Small Intestines Do?

Digested food empties from the stomach into the small intestines and then travels anywhere from 10-16 feet while nutrients are absorbed through the intestines walls and delivered to feed the body’s cells. Any foods not absorbed are excreted from the body. 


Build a Healthy Immune System with Hand Reflexology

The benefit of having a healthy digestive system is that it can prevent harmful pathogens from invading your body. Learn to give yourself and your loved ones powerful hand reflexology to support your immune system.


15 minutes Hand Reflexology session can: 

  • Support Your Immune System
  • Support Lung and Respiratory Systems
  • Support Digestive, Spleen, and Liver Systems
  • Encourage toxins to move through your intestines
  • Support Lymphatic System


Improve Digestion for Healthy Immune System



Thank you Helen! I love your information and fun videos You explain things well and I like your sense of human. I love reflexology and have seen many of your videos to help with multiple issues. Diane Mishler


You can be Proactive with Your Immune and Respiratory Health!

To learn more about how to help support your immune and respiratory health, check out Course 4: COVID, COPD, Cold, Flu and Respiratory Relief and Support with Hand Reflexology

Instructor: Helen Chin Lui, Certified Reflexologist


Awaken Your Inner Healer

We are all natural healers! Many have forgotten how to access these generational skills passed down to us from our grandmothers and grandfathers. It is now common practice to give our self-healing ability to modern medicine. Self-healing still lies within our souls until ignited. The Healing Place Energy School will help you to ignite and support your inner healer. Everyone can master self-healing skills with consistent and mindful practices. 


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About the Writer, Reflexologist, and Filmmaker

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