At the age 52 I finally realized that I wasn’t living my life purpose. I knew I was slowly dying internally and I didn’t know why. The “calling” from the universe kept calling me. In 2006 I decided to take the courage and a leap of blind faith and start a business. If you recall in 2006 this was the beginning of the “great recession“.

When I started the Healing Place on Sept 9, 2006 very few people knew what reflexology or energy medicine were. Through years of hard work and educating the public not only am I am thriving but I am growing. I have helped hundreds of children and adults to find long-time relief from chronic pain and chronic digestive issues.

I am so proud to be celebrating my 8th business anniversary. According to, in 2012, up to 90-95% of new businesses fail the first year. And of the remaining 5-10%, only half of those businesses make it to the 5-year mark. Here I am at my 8th year. YES!!


Please come by and celebrate with me on September 9th and meet my new practitioners. We will be eating and laughing all night long. There will be raffles, mini workshops and a meditation for relaxation. I get to demonstrate some relaxation hand reflexology technique during the celebration.

I’ll have a gluten free, chocolate lava cupcake waiting for you

cupcake celebration



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