Taking Steps to Protect Your Health

There is so much news about the coronavirus and the flu. Everyone is worry and afraid of contracting these illnesses. There are many ways you can protect your health by taking basic protective measures. 

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Your hands touch hundred of thousands items a day, from your phone, electronics, computer, personal belongings, public place items (especially door knobs), and other people. WASH your hands is the first step to protecting your health and when there is no water, try hand sanitizer.  Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose. No one wants to plant illnesses in their body.

Keep Your Distance

Unfortunately, sickness doesn’t always keep us at home anymore. We are pressure to work. If you see someone who is sick don’t be shy about moving away from that person, like three feet away. 

Practice Respiratory Hygiene 

This should be a no-brainer. Cough or sneeze into your elbow instead of your hand. This is the number one way of spreading germs, especially if you practice hand shaking or you like to touch people when you are emphasizing a point. Also speak up when you see someone coughing or sneezing without covering their mouths. I am amazed how some people have forgotten basic etiquette.

How Your Spleen Strengthens Your Immune System – Reflexology Tip

Very few know how the body functions. Our parents taught us to be healthy by incorporating a healthy diet, strengthen and move our bodies, manage our stress and anxiety, and find the right work/life balance. Let us talk about the Spleen and how it supports the immune system.:

Body Physiology

Our bodies are a complex machine comprising of many biological systems that perform specific functions necessary for everyday living. We all have five vital organs that are essential for our survival: the brain, heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs. Along with the vital organs, we have eleven body systems comprising of integumentary, circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, nervous, muscular, reproductive, skeletal, respiratory, and urinary systems. It would be wonderful if all the body systems work together and support each system for robust health. 

The Spleen

The Spleen is the biggest organ in the lymphatic system and is not an essential survival organ. It is the size of an orange and is located in the left upper abdomen cavity, beneath the diaphragm and next to the stomach. The Spleen protected by the 9th, 10th, and 11th ribs.

The Spleen’s job is to protect and filter the blood for bacterial infections. It also makes and stores white blood cells and antibodies to fight pathogens and removes dead red blood cells.

If the spleen is removed, the liver takes over many of the filtering functions. The person without a spleen is more prone to infections.

Keep the Spleen Healthy by:

  • Eat room temperature foods; avoid eating cold foods and drinks
  • Limit sugar and fat intake
  • Eat consistently; avoid skipping meals
  • Eat whole grains, pulses, and vegetables (rice, wheat, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, lentils, dried beans, chickpeas, generous portions of vegetables and small portions of meat and fish protein

Reflexology Treatment Supports Spleen Functions

Reflexology therapy supports all eleven body systems by stimulating thousands of nerve endings to relax the body and to release toxins; by applying specific thumb and finger techniques on the thousands of pressure points on the feet, hand, and ears, Reflexology  encourages the body to release tension and encourage healing.

Reflexology Foot Reflexology Tip to Support the Spleen

I’m seeing Helen for some ongoing digestive health issues and she has been a big help! She is great at asking all relevant questions and listening to you, and makes great recommendations from there. The reflexology itself is great, and is definitely paying dividends! Helen is a pleasure to work with, definitely give her a shot if you are interested in reflexology or have any health issues you think could potentially be relieved.

Andrew B

Helen Chin Lui

Helen Chin Lui

Certified Reflexologist

Helen has been a practicing professional reflexology since 2006. She is the owner and founder of the Healing Place LLC and Healing Place Energy School LLC in Medfield, MA. USA.She has reflexology certificates in foot, hand, ear, pediatric, fertility, pain management, advance digestive, musculoskeletal, Pallative and Cancer Care and Acupressure Reflexology. She also an certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master and teacher.

Release Stress and Anxiety with Reflexology

Learn Foot Reflexology to Promote Relaxation

 Manage Stress and Anxiety with Reflexology

With a touch of a pair of loving hands you can help yourself or a loved one to release stress and anxiety by pressing on hundreds of reflexology points on the feet. Reflexology techniques are simple to learn and can be done in the privacy of your environment.

In 60 minutes you will learn about:

  • Hand and thumb techniques
  • How to prepare for a Reflexology session
  • A feeling of deep calmness. relaxation, and rejuvenation.
  • Promote homeostasis – the balance of normalization of the body
  • Promote circulation and encourages the removal of toxins
  • Reduce stress and promotes deep relaxation
  • Give yourself or a loved one a 15-minute deep relaxation Reflexology session

This on-line class accompanies Helen Chin Lui’s booklet of the same name. Find Foot Reflexology to Promote Relaxation



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