June 15, 2012

Good health is not just about medicine. “It’s about embracing a healthy spiritual, emotional and physical lifestyle”

Heather Hogan, BSN, RN, Santina Wilson, BSN, RN, and Mary Absi, Bachelor or science in Nursing (BSN), RN, received a Lily Kravitz Nursing Studies Award for 2012.

The award was for their research into whether implementing alternative and complementary therapies to help reduce nurses’ stress levels could lead to better patient care.

Complementary therapies comprising of Reflexology, Reiki, Massage and nutritional information will be offered to Brigham and Women nurses as part of their next wellness program on June 15, 2012.  The theme is “Rejuvenate Today! Awaken your power through grace, serenity and peace.“

Wellness Program coordinators, Mary Absi, BSN, RN Santina Wilson, BSN, RN Heather Hogan, BSN, RN

Reflexologist, Helen Chin Lui has been invited to help nurses take a few minutes out of their hectic schedule to relax. Nurses will be able to sample mini reflexology sessions comprising of relaxation techniques. Helen is honored and looks forward to the June 15 event.

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