Each day we get up and think about what we are going to do for the day. How we coordinate our schedules to coincide with our family members, co workers, clients and everyone who matters to us on the planet. How do we make everyone happy and comfortable? We give to the point where we feel overextended and have nothing left.

Most do more than humanly possible able to perform, but we continue to give ourselves until something breaks. Now you are asking what will break? In some cases it is your spirit or body or mind. Some become so mechanical in their tasks that they don’t put any thought or heart into doing them.

Sometimes it is our minds or emotions that are affected. Our bodies begin to break down and we become sick and emotionally detected from the people that deserve our respect, love and/or dignity. What about you? Have you forgotten how to treat yourself with love and respect? Look at today’s workplace. We work more hours in order to produce more. We are encouraged to add to the company’s bottom line, but the company may not reciprocate by properly taking care of its work force. This is time which we can never get back.

You probably know the breakdown signs. Some examples when you know you have lost it – do you find yourself no longer able to engage in a face to face conversation? You find yourself talking to your spouse or children from the back of your head because you don’t have time or desire to turn around to look at the person to engage in conversation? Somewhere in the back of your mind you think what you are working on is more important than engaging in a five minute conversation. Of course email has replaced most personal contact.

Has the word “vacation” become a dirty word? Just the thought of going away and disrupting your schedule makes you cringe. Are you addicted to your “busyness?” but do you love it anyway, because that’s all you know? Or has it become a vicious habit? Do you have any personal boundaries?

There are other reasons on top of isolation that can lead to your downfall such as: not eating right, no time to exercise, can’t find time to be with your family. Of course you talk yourself into believing it is alright to gain that extra fifteen pounds. This is part of the core to becoming successful. Then you notice that feeling of sickness at the bottom of the pit of your stomach that never seems to go away and it feels like the toxins are accumulating in your body. Then you can’t break the cycle of constantly feeling sick, helpless, and a victim. Somehow you can’t break the cycle and you are constantly telling friends (friends for now before they start to run) why life sucks. You have now passed the point of no return. STOP! STOP! The madness…..

Most people at this point want to reclaim their lives and break the chain of madness. What is the first step you ask? What I ask myself is “how important am I to myself?” Do I matter? What I found out by living in a constant state of fear is that it pushes my emotions to a dark place. I don’t want to live in my fear. I really believe that I deserve to be joyful and at peace. It’s just a stupid picture that I have programmed into my head. It is so easy to believe your own lies. The picture in your head can change anytime. All you need is the courage and strength.

What has helped me tremendously is praying or meditation. I am not talking about the type of praying where I ask God or the universe for things to fill my life, such as money (even though it helps,) a new spouse (I love the one I have already,) good health (I have been blessed.) My conversations with God or the universe comprises of asking for guidance. Deep down I already know what to do, and in many cases, I already know what the answers are, but I want the connection with God and the universe. What can I say, I like validation.

I can only connect with God and the universe when I quiet down my mind and body which are usually fill with random thoughts. I go deep within my soul by focusing on my breathing. I find there is a comfort and warmth in the quiet. This is when I know that I have connected with God or the universe and I don’t feel alone. I sense someone is listening and waiting patiently for me to get back on the right path.

My best times to connect is when I am listening to music, knitting, spinning wool, playing tennis, or making soaps. I am not thinking about anything special. I am in the moment. I am focusing on my breath where I am breathing from my diaphragm and releasing negative energy. I am focusing on the joy.

I don’t have to be in any special place to make connection to God or the universe. I even have conversations with him when I am driving in my car sometimes. Conversations can be as long as thirty seconds to an hour depending on how much time I have and where I am. God and the universe are always listening.

Everyone has the ability to connect with God and the universe anywhere and everywhere in a moment’s notice. The best part of this is that God and the universe do not time you, nor do you have to take a number or make a date to be heard or make you feel guilty if you have asked too many times for help.

Make meditation a daily practice. It takes so little time, and it doesn’t cost a thing. It will help you get out of your craziness. Most people already know how to find peace within but they are so dependent looking for an outside source, including that from God or the universe.

We give to the point where there is nothing left to give. Take a moment to look at whom, why and how you give to others. Most importantly do you give to yourself the way you give to others? Take five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening to sit quietly and heal through meditation.

Some of the healing benefits from meditation:

Reduces stress on your heart and body

Reduces free radicals that can cause tissue damage

Decreases high blood pressure

Helps to look younger and add years to your life

Reduces cholesterol and cardiovascular disease

Improves lung function

Increases brain activities

Decreases depression, irritability and moodiness

Improves learning ability and memory

Increases feelings of happiness, vitality and rejuvenation.

Increased emotional stability


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