by Bill Flocco, Director of the American Academy of Reflexology.

A 55-year-old lady suffering from emphysema experiences dramatic relief from her symptoms and greater ease of breathing.

Emphysema is surprisingly prevalent among people who smoke pipes, cigars or cigarettes, those who live or work in highly polluted areas, such as around spores, herbicides and pesticides, factories with high air contaminants, or people who live in especially polluted urban centers.

Emphysema results from the breaking down of the little air pockets in the lungs, called alveoli, causing larger spaces. Lungs lose the capacity to take natural fluids or mucus up to the throat and out.  As this condition worsens, people with emphysema develop a cough, because of the fluid build up in the lungs, the result of the lungs inability to expel the fluids naturally.

Reflexology is the natural health science of applying finger and thumb pressure, using specific techniques, to points found in the feet, hands and outer ears that correspond to reflex maps resembling a shape of the human body. By placing specific finger and thumb pressure on the lung reflexes of the feet, hands and ears, in a surprising number of cases people report relief of their lung related tensions and discomforts.

For Reflexology for emphysema, first go to your feet, lung reflexes are located, primarily, in the grooves on the top of your feet.  Place the tip of your thumb or index finger in each groove, and apply gentle pressure.

For Reflexology for emphysema, second go to your hands, lung reflexes are located, primarily, in the grooves on the back of your hands.  As in the feet, place the tip of your thumb or index finger in each groove, and apply gentle pressure.

For Reflexology for emphysema, third go to your ears, lung reflexes are located in the lower valley, the recessed area near your ear canal, merely by placing the tip of your index fingers against the part of the ear in the lower valley.  In effect, you will be gently applying pressure directly against the head bone.

It is recommend that you reflex each of these areas for 5 to 10 minutes, once or twice a day.

When you work on your lung reflexes, if you find tenderness in your feet, hands or ears, look at this tenderness as a gift and spend more time working on tender areas.  Frequently, the result is that people report feeling better in the related part of the body.

It is often recommended to drink an extra glass or two of water to help flush toxins out of the body. If conditions persist, it might be wise to see your primary health care provider.

Like the 55-year-old lady, you or those you work on can experience relief with Reflexology for emphysema.


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