By guest writer and practitioner, Kate Lamie, Holistic Health Coach

I’m very excited to be speaking at The Healing Place’s open house on Tuesday, September 9th from 6:30-9:00pm. The Healing Place is located at 50 North Street in Medfield, and you can RSVP by emailing [email protected] as the postcard above references.

I have watched Helen grow The Healing Place over the last eight years, and I am also a former client =) The reason I recommend Helen to folks is this: She understands that work on the physical body (like reflexology aka acupuncture for the feet w/ out needles) is most powerful when combined with energetic work like meditation, reiki and balancing chakras.

With that said, as part of the Open House celebrations, I will be talking about sugar – why it’s not good for us, how it sneaks into our diets, and simple tips for reducing your overall sugar intake.

This event is for you if…

1.) You want to break the “get stressed, reach for more sugar, get sick/rundown” cycle. This pattern of grabbing a candy bar or a soda when we’re overwhelmed taxes our bodies’ immune systems, adrenals and MUCH MORE.

2.) You want to build a sugar-free pantry. Honey or agave? Dried fruit or plain ole fruit? Splenda or Stevia?

3.) You like winning free stuff! Each practitioner who is presenting will be raffling off some off an aspect of their services. I will be giving away 60-minutes of free coaching and goodies to help someone start their sugar-free journey.


It’s not just me! Besides my talk about sugar, Reflexologist Helen Chin Lui, Reiki Practitioner Robin Bornstein and Aromatherapist Erica Schveighoffer will also be covering complementary topics. Hope to see you there!

I will be continuing on in this theme of sugar-free eats on my blog in select posts over the coming weeks so you can learn more about sneaky sugar.


Reflexology Healing Medfield MAHolistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, Katie Lamie. Katie is a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is passionate about helping individuals tap into vibrant health. She works with her clients to reduce cravings, explore and prepare new foods, increase their energy and find time for physical movement. Katie also specializes in helping clients struggling with digestive disorders.


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