Happy Friday fellow health enthusiasts!

So, I stumbled across an interesting article about how cheese is just as addictive as opium , and I wanted to hear your thoughts on this statement.

The article from Elite Daily, starts off by comparing cheesy (no pun intended) statistics, and how Americans in the 1970s consumed 8 pounds of cheese a year. Today the average American consumes anywhere from 23-35 pounds according to the article and another article from Today Health. That’s more than a whopping 15 pound increase!

The writer then goes on to explain that the reason we are addicted to cheese, and eating so much of it is because we usually consume a combination of cheese and carbohydrates, and carbohydrates contain a chemical called casein which releases the feel-good hormone dopamine, which is the same hormone released when taking certain recreational drugs.

I know that cheese is delicious and all, but saying that it is just as addicting as opium is a little far-fetched to me. Let’s hear what you have to say by commenting in the blog section!

To read the full article, visit elitedai.ly/1CqcCBk.



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