As much as I love sushi, my favorite part is undoubtedly what’s inside the rolls – but the white rice I could live without. So I cut out the rice altogether and created an all-vegetable sushi roll that is just as satisfying but more nutritious.

Minced parsley root and sunflower seeds take the place of the grain here; it holds together just like sticky rice, and even looks the part! Rolled around some of my favorite root veggies, this totally raw meal will have you feeling super-vibrant in any season.

The white miso ginger sauce is completely divine and a beautiful complement to the sushi. It’s warming, bright and spicy – delicious on noodles, roasted vegetables and salads, too.

Nori is probably the most widely eaten and recognizable sea vegetable in North America because of our love affair with sushi.

It has a very mild, nutty, salty-sweet thing going on, so it is a versatile ocean vegetable that doesn’t overpower the flavor of soups, salads, grains or even popcorn. Nori has the highest protein content of the sea vegetable family, a whopping 28% (that’s even more than sunflower seeds or lentils!). It contains very high amounts of calcium, iron, manganese, zinc and copper. Compared to other seaweeds, it also tops the list when it comes to vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, as well as A, C and E.

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