I wrote this blog post in 2012 when I was STUCK in the crossroad of life while I was making some major business changes. As of 2015 I am in a good place with my business. It is growing and expanding.

I  have clients who I am helping with their health issues along with helping them to make some life changing decisions.  From our sessions we have been able to help them to find long term relief from their pain and also help them to attractive positive energy in their lives so that they can manifest the desired changes.

My 2012 article… Are You Stuck in the Crossroad of Life? by Helen Chin Lui

All my life I have been waiting for someone to give me permission to be “me.” Even though I am blessed with coming up with great ideas, great action plans, and the ability to move ahead. But somewhere in the process I almost always sabotage myself. Why? Just the thought of growing scares me. My monkey brain goes into overdrive. I am STUCK again.

Each time I get STUCK, it becomes an internal battle for me. Which way do I go? How do I proceed?  How much money is it going to cost me? How much time will it take? How can I do it? How can I add more one task to my plate? I get so frustrated because I know that I am doing this to myself. I then force myself to break through my crazy thoughts because being STUCK is more painful then the UNKNOWN.

At the crossroad, I look north, south, east and west wondering which direction I should go. My legs and mind move so slowly. I am stuck in the middle of that damn crossroad again. I am fighting to break away, in the meantime, I am spending TOO much fighting with myself to stay STUCK. What a vicious cycle.

I eventually break away. I jump and run as fast as I can. I become like the wind. I become fearless after I have paid the price of over thinking.

I am again at another crossroad (grr…) I have decided to make an investment in myself to grow my business to the next level. It is an investment that I cannot afford, but then again, I cannot afford NOT to do it. I am older now. I am at the point in my life I have to make some serious decisions. The time to mull it over, is over. It’s time to live my life with purpose and to play it BIG instead of wishing, waiting and hoping.

Breaking away from the crossroad feels so good!

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