Do you feel lost?
Do you feel like something is missing?
You haven’t been yourself for some time?

Shamanic Soul Retrieval Workshop

With Shamanic Practitioner Susan Angelo
Tuesday, September 15, 7-9pm $35 after September 4th – $40
Healing Place, 50 North Street, Medfield, MA

In shamanism it is believed that a part of a human soul is free to leave the physical body when it feels emotional or physically challenged. Where does the soul go? The soul will astral travel outside of the body going through time and space to find answers, wisdom and lost power. Once answers are found, the soul returns but sometimes the soul doesn’t return or gets lost? A Soul Retrieval is needed.

One of a Shamanic Practitioner’s healing tools is the ability to retrieve souls and bring it back to its owner. If you feel lost, emotionally and physically drained, or something is missing this is the right workshop for you to reclaim your powers.

For this journey Sue will create a sacred, loving and safe space for a soul retrieval ceremony. Sue will call upon our spirit guides and ancestors for help and use a drum to journey to find our souls, retrieve and return them. After the ceremony participants will feel complete, lighter and balanced.
You do not need prior experience to journey. Wear loose and comfortable clothes. If you would like to lie on the floor for the journey please bring a pillow and blanket.

Please register for this workshop. Seating is limited.

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