Many of us understand the physical symptoms of pain, but what about the emotional aspect of pain or pain that get stuck on a cellular level? We can control physical and emotional pain through medication or talk therapy. But what happens when the pain doesn’t go away and medication no longer work as well?

Please join Certified Reflexologist and Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner Helen Chin Lui for four powerful and fun Mondays FREE Facebook Live Chats to quiet and make friends with your pain starting September 19!

Empower. Educate. Heal.

September 19, 8-8:30 PM EST – How do we condition ourselves to ignore pain?

How often do we say, “If I ignore the pain, it will go away?” or “I’m too busy, I’ll get it checked later.” Helen will talk about how we override our sensory system until we no longer register or recognize pain until it’s too late. What do we do then?

September 26, 8-8:30 PM EST  – How does pain get stuck in our body?

Pain starts off as a whisper, but then over time it starts to scream at you. Then pain becomes stuck on a cellular level, and it can’t be released.  It takes more medication to dull pain. Helen will talk about what you can do to extinguish that pain.

October 3, 8-8:30 PM EST – Mindful practice to quiet the pain by uniting the body, mind, and spirit.

Instead of living as a peaceful unit, what happens when the body, mind, and spirit live separate lives and each has a different agenda?  Helen will explain how the body, mind, and spirit can unite in a positive way and work as a team to support the body.

October 10, 8-8:30 PM EST  – How do you acknowledge the pain and start your healing journey.

When we get stuck in a pain cycle it feels endless; Helen will talk you through how to make friends and peace with your pain so that it can be let go.

Don’t miss this series! Get your questions ready and mark it on your calendar. Look for us and like us on  There will be no playback recording. After this Facebook Live Chat series, we will be offering a chakra balancing program to stomp out the pain and negative energy that you can purchase and keep as a resource.

Get ready to be inspired by these four free Facebook Live Chats sessions with Helen Chin Lui.

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